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Place New York, 21 November 1947
Conclusion 21/11/1947
Signature 21/06/1948
Ratification 30/04/1992
Entry into force 30/04/1992




The standard clauses shall operate in respect to the International Civil Aviation Organization (hereinafter called "the Organization") subject to the following provisions:

1. The privileges, immunities, exemptions and facilities referred to in section 21 of the standard clauses shall also be accorded to the President of the Council of the Organization.

2. (i) Experts (other than officials coming within the scope of article VI) serving on committees of, or performing missions for, the Organization shall be accorded the following privileges and immunities so far as is necessary for the effective exercise of their functions, including the time spent on journeys in connection with service on such committees or missions :

(a) Immunity from personal arrest or seizure of their personal baggage;

(b) Immunity from legal process of every kind in respect of words spoken or written or acts done by them in the performance of their official functions, such immunity to continue notwithstanding that the persons concerned are no longer serving on committees of, or employed on missions for, the Organization;

(c) The same facilities in respect of currency and exchange restrictions and in respect of their personal baggage as are accorded to officials of foreign governments on temporary official missions;

(d) Inviolability of their papers and documents relating to the work on which they are engaged for the Organization.

(ii) In connection with (d) of 2 above, the principle contained in the last sentence of section 12 of the standard clauses shall be applicable.

(iii) Privileges and immunities are granted to the experts of the Organization in the interests of the Organization and not for the personal benefit of the individuals themselves. The Organization shall have the right and the duty to waive the immunity of any expert in any case where in its opinion the immunity would impede the course of justice, and it can be waived without prejudice to the interests of the Organization.